"I am deeply passionate about art and healing, especially as modalities for building better futures. I love to build community, I love to paint and collage, I love to read and study. I am definitely a nerd and enjoy fixating on whatever new thing is inspiring me at any given moment. To be alive is to be in a constant state of growth- I am still sprouting!" 


"When I was a newborn I would curl up into the fetal position like a little bean whenever I slept, and ever since my parents have called me Jazzy Bean. It felt fitting to carry this name into my doula practice!"

Jasmyne radiates lighthearted joy and thoughtful care in every aspect of her life. Jasmyne has always had a desire to care for the community around her. Like many intuitive caregivers, Jasmyne has always been caring for young children in her life. Early on she discovered the power of nourishing bonds and openhearted support in building resilience and self determination. Informed by her lived experience and work in human services, Jasmyne became passionate about racial, reproducative, and LGBTQ+ justice. Quickly, Jasmyne discovered the importance of doula care in improving birth and postpartum outcomes for marginalized communities as well as a way of preserving Black and Indigenous knowledges around parenting. Knowing this is the right path for her, Jasmyne is constantly pursuing continued education to better care for her clients including specialized training in sleep consultation. Jasmyne lives her purpose by supporting people through intense and tender transitions. Jasmyne meets people where they are at and takes a warm, empathetic, evidence based approach to doula care. When Jasmyne is not working as a doula she is focusing on the transformative power of art and study. Jasmyne is always growing and imagining new ways to foster more caring futures.
Education and Community Involvement


Jasmyne Bryant (she/her)

birth, postpartum, sibling, and sleep doula

phone: (206)-471-4760

email: jazzybeandoula@gmail.com

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